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A connectivity solution for any requirement

As the largest aggregator of layer 2 services we can pretty much guarantee a solution no matter where you are in South Africa, and even throughout the rest of Africa and Europe

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We work within your budget and can provide flexible solutions depending on your requirements
Up to 10Gbps
Dedicated Fibre

Types of connectivity we offer

Layer 2 or layer 3

  • Dedicated FTTB
  • Shared FTTB
  • Dedicated layer 2
  • MPLS
  • Dedicated licensed spectrum wireless
  • Dedicated unlicensed spectrum wireless
Types of clients we help

From large enterprises to SMEs, we connect you to the world and your branches

By adopting the most advanced software defined networking and network function virtualisation available we are able to connect at any scale on any budget

By using our GPON layer 2 fibre network throughout most metros and numerous outlying areas, we are able to substantially reduce costs for SMEs to connect to fibre broadband without having to rely on antiquated home connections being re-purposed for business use

Inter-brand connectivity and/or dedicated layer 3 access as well as next-generation network overlay technology means we can interconnect all branch and remote offices without the need for MPLS services. MPLS services remain available over our network but why work with yesterday’s technology when you can future-proof and simplify your network at a more affordable rate?

Access our dedicated international layer 2 or layer 3 network for direct to site international access and get out of the congestion zone of international cables carrying multi-purpose traffic

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Stay connected

Backup power and redundancy

Our network is housed at strategic locations with multiple redundant routes north and southbound, as well as renewable and backup power solutions. It’s our ultimate end-goal to provide you with a 100% uptime commitment wherever possible to do so. We understand how important remote work forces and always-on connectivity have become. And we provision with this in mind

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We cover all of South Africa

With 95% coverage of South Africa there are very few places where we are unable to provide you with a suitable connectivity solution, even if we have to build it for you ourselves. We typically cover the last 30m to 300m of fibre when we build a dedicated link to your premises, however we tailor our solutions for your needs and can connect clients who may be hundreds of kilometres away from existing termination nodes. Our last mile technology includes:

  • Dedicated fibre
  • Multi-core fibre
  • Redundant routes
  • Wireless backups
  • Wireless primary backbones




Complete the feasibility form to start the process

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager as a single point of contact and our technical teams will work with your staff to ensure a smooth, simple and stable connection.

Our team will geocode your location(s) and compile the best solution options. Your account manager will work with the planning team AND you to determine the optimal deployment.

Call us on

+27 10 745 6879 if you’d prefer to talk to a salesperson, or complete the form to send directly to our technical team

We believe that words can only count for so much. So put us to the test instead. Let our team impress you and let our experts take the networking expertise off your hands

Email us on

[email protected] or submit a feasibility request using the online form to send directly to our techs

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