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South Africa's Premium
Internet Service Provider

A premium ISP for the ultimate internet experience. Superior support + Superior network = Super uptime

And many more...
Premium ISP Solutions

What Does It Mean
To Go Premium?

Switching from a boring budget ISP to a better internet experience is incredibly simple. Switch to Gigawave today and experience these differences.


We will likely know that you have an issue before you do. When our AI and automation systems detect a poor quality connection on your line, we will automatically log a ticket and assign it to our Network Operations Centre teams to start investigations on your behalf. Most issues will be identified and resolved without you even realising.


We implement our own AI and automation systems that monitor your connection every minute of every day. We analyse the quality of your connection and automatically step in the moment an issue is detected


Experience customer support like never before with our WhatsApp and Live Support feature. Get instant assistance, answers to your queries, and technical help in real-time, right at your fingertips. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to quick solutions. Elevate your support experience today with our convenient and responsive channels.


Make technology transition a breeze with our In-Home 1st Installation service. Our experts bring the future to your doorstep, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free setup process. Say farewell to complexities and confusion – we'll have you up and running in no time. Embrace the future of connectivity with confidence, as our professionals personally guide you through the first steps of your enhanced online journey.

Whole Home

Elevate your home connectivity with our Premium Whole Home Networking solution, featuring both wireless and wired options with professional cabling services. Whether you prefer the flexibility of wireless connections or the stability of wired setups, we've got you covered. Our experts will seamlessly integrate your devices, ensuring a network that blankets every corner of your space. Say goodbye to dead zones and hello to a comprehensive networking solution that meets all your needs. With our premium offering, enjoy the best of both worlds and a connected home like never before.

Zero Shaping

Welcome to our Zero-Shaping Network, where your online experience remains unhindered. Say goodbye to bandwidth throttling and hello to consistent, high-speed connectivity. Stream, download, and game without compromise. Elevate your digital world with a network that puts your needs first.

Zero Contention

Welcome to our Zero-Contention Network, where your connection's performance is never compromised. Say goodbye to shared bottlenecks and hello to a network that guarantees consistent speeds, no matter the time of day. Enjoy seamless browsing, streaming, and more. Elevate your online experience with our commitment to uninterrupted connectivity.

Our real commitments to you: SupportNetworkQuality

Support Commitments
The real commitments we make to you

We'll monitor and support you proactively

Ever dealt with support and felt like you need to be the expert? Let us monitor your connection 24/7 and proactively manage your connection so you don't need to be the expert. We are the experts and we'll take care of the vast majority of issues without you even realising it or having to be involved. Line down? We'll probably know before you and you'll likely receive a notification from us that we've logged the fault before you've even sent us your 1st WhatsApp

We'll help in record time

Gone are the days of hanging on the phone for hours on end only for the call to drop. It's the 21st century and there are more efficient ways to communicate. We'll keep you updated over the communication tools you use, like WhatsApp and live chat. You're not just another number to us.

We'll even come to your home to help

Yes, you heard that right. If you reside in Johannesburg or Cape Town our specialist in-home support teams are available to assist you directly in your home in the rare instances where first-line support is unable to assist, and the issue is on our side.

We'll be honest

Yes, even the best ISPs have occasional issues, but the most critical thing we have learned is that acknowledging these issues and keeping clients updated is essential to fostering a long-term relationship built on trust and integrity.

Network Commitments

The good news continues

We believe that a great internet experience requires zero manipulation from your ISP. It's your internet connection and we don't get to mess with your enjoyment in any way.

Other ISP Speeds


Gigawave Speeds


Zero throttling

Throttling is the process of slowing down your connection because you've used more data than your ISP thinks is reasonable. And more often than not you won't be made aware that this is happening. We will never do this to your connection

Zero shaping

Shaping is the process of slowing down certain types of traffic like streaming Netflix as this type of content consumes a large portion of bandwidth. This is nonsensical. The more you enjoy your connection the longer you'll remain a happy customer of ours. We'll never do this

Zero contention

Contention is, well, a contentious issue as it's never disclosed by ISPs. It is the process of sharing bandwidth between users so that it reduces the cost for the ISP. It served a purpose when bandwidth was limited, but is a remnant of the dark ages of telecoms nowadays. If you have a 500Mbps connection, your ISP should have 500Mbps allocated to you. And we sure do.

What it all means

Become part of the ultimate ISP experience

There are 3 x key pillars to ensuring you have the best possible experience and we do our utmost to cover them all

Network experience
Support experience
Seamless systems and billing

Simple Systems

Superior Network

People Focused

What does a premium ISP experience look like?

Support In-Person

Real People
With Real SolutionsđŸ’¡

As your ISP you are our priority and this means in instances where our normal support channels fail to resolve a high tier issue, we will happily dispatch a network engineer to assist you in your home

We help you without you even realising it. How?

01 / 24/7 Active Monitoring

Our systems are designed so that the moment your connection goes live, our Network Operations Centre starts monitoring your home connection for uptime and quality metrics. As your ISP we should know before you if you have a problem with your fibre line.

02 / Active Detection

Our systems adopt an AI model to analyse the quality metrics of your connection. If your line goes down or suffers abnormal quality based on the metrics available to us to measure, our NOC is automatically notified and our teams begin investigations. Your ticket is created before you even log it with us.

03 / The Magic Window

During this investigation window, we will notify you and place your line into our priority triage process where dedicated network engineers investigate all possible issues behind the scenes. We allow for a 4hr window of resolution here to account for issues such as loadshedding

04 / Post Triage Assist

If after 4hrs there is no resolution, a fault is logged with the FNO. We now move your line into a priority resolution status and our dedicated FNO Liaison teams work together with the FNO to identify and resolve the fault, while keeping you updated at least once per day.

05 / AI Assisted

All of our processes are augmented with smart Artificial Intelligence to assist our teams in diagnosing your specific faults quicker and resolving them in record time. The majority of these issues will be detected by our systems before you even notice, simplifyng the support process

Whole-Home Wireless

Fast Internet
Requires Fast Wi-Fi

While we can never guarantee perfect coverage, we go over and above to give you the BEST WIRELESS COVERAGE you can imagine. Why? The majority of slow speed issues are related to your internal home network. Our teams will analyse your requirements and provide you with the optimal wireless mesh solution to ensure optimal speeds throughout your home