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Tenda 5 Port Gigabit with 4 PoE and 1 PoE Input Desktop Switch | TEG1105PD

Tenda 5 Port Gigabit with 4 PoE and 1 PoE Input Desktop Switch | TEG1105PD


TEG1105PD / Switch / 5-Port Gigabit PD Switch With 4-Port PoE
Featuring low cost, high performance and plug & play, the PoE switch TEG1105PD is both a PSE and a PD, designed for such surveillance networking scenarios as roads in parks/communities, medium to large factories, and colleges. Small and delicate, it can be installed in an outdoor waterproof box easily. The switch provides four 10/100/1000 Mbps PoE OUT ports (ports 1 to 4) compliant with IEEE 802.3af and one 10/100/1000 Mbps PoE IN port (port 5) compliant with IEEE 802.3af/at. The maximum PoE output power of the whole switch is 30 W. The switch can supply power and transmit data to low-power APs and IP cameras through CAT5 cables, greatly reducing the cost of the network deployment. It is an ideal choice for wired networking in monitoring scenarios of middle to long distance.

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5 Gigabit Ports, Integrated PSE & PD Design
The 5 ports of TEG1105PD are all gigabit ports, with 4 PoE OUT ports (ports 1 to 4) and 1 PoE IN port (port 5). The switch can be powered by the IEEE 802.3af/at compliant PSE through port 5 with an Ethernet cable, and supply power to such PDs as low-power APs and IP cameras through ports 1 to 4.

Gigabit speed without reduction within 200m, Stable transmission without dropping
As a relay, the switch can extend the data transmission distance to 325 meters at most and offer a long-distance PoE power supply through multiple PoE ports. Suitable for medium and long-distance wired monitoring scenarios or low-power wireless coverage scenarios such as enterprise parks, factories, schools, etc.

Cut costs, Practical & Stable, Your Better Choice
TEG1105PD does not require an independent power supply, just plug and play, no need to consider the power supply during the network deployment; in addition, there is no need to pull out multiple network cables from the PoE switch (PSE) in the data equipment room to supply power to multiple PoE powered devices (PD). Therefore, the network deployment cost can be greatly saved while ensuring the quality of the project.

6KV lightning protection, Stable operation in thunderstorm environment
This switch provides short circuit protection for PSE and 6 kV lightning protection for all ports, protecting the switch itself to operate steadily from surge and lightning damages in thunderstorms.

Small & Delicate, Easy to be installed in the weak electric/waterproof box
TEG1105PD has a compact shell, about the size of two splicing bank cards, and can be easily installed in a weak electric box or an outdoor waterproof box. All-steel shell, sturdy and durable.