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Simple Pricing

20 Megabits / Second Asymmetric

R695.00 /month

Although this is an entry level speed, it is often perfectly suitable for individuals with demanding bandwidth requirements such as gaming, streaming and remote working. For remote working we suggest higher upload speeds

  • Download Speed: 20Mb/s
  • Upload Speed: 10Mb/s

50 Megabits / Second Symmetric

R945.00 /month

This is the start of high-speed connectivity where the real advantages of high speed connections become reality, although we would suggest that families of more than 2 people explore higher speed options as all available bandwidth can be consumed easily in larger households

  • Download Speed: 50Mb/s
  • Upload Speed: 50Mb/s

100 Megabits / Second Symmetric

R1045.00 /month

This is the start of true high speed connectivity and is ideally suited for demanding users/families who want to stream in 4K resolution, download large games and updates and work remotely.

  • Download Speed: 100Mb/s
  • Upload Speed: 100Mb/s

200 Megabits / Second Symmetric

R1295.00 /month

Now we’re cooking with gas! Ideal for families where you all expect to stream television, game and work remotely at the same time. Also ideal for individuals who have high bandwidth demanding use-cases, particularly individuals who download or upload large volumes of data

  • Download Speed: 200Mb/s
  • Upload Speed: 200Mb/s

Connection Type

Choose whether you have an existing line or wish to install a brand new line at your address.

What are these costs?

Upgrade your GAPS router

Gigawave will supply you with a free-to-use wireless mesh router. This allows you to add new mesh devices with a single click into wireless dead-spots throughout your property.

You can choose to use this device and return it if you ever cancel, or you can upgrade your router to a 1Gb/s wireless mesh device for just R399.00 (and you own it)

Free To Use Router
Upgrade Options
More Information

Why your wireless network is so important

In our experience, 95% of slow speed related issues on high speed connections are as a result of poor wireless signal problems. Even if we provide basic routers for free, these will never compare with devices you buy specific for your purposes. Why? Because every house, apartment, complex, and business is different. Every wall is a different thickness. Every house has different electromagnetic interference. Every property is a different size. Every property has their router positioned in their preferred location (which isn’t always ideal for wireless coverage).

Modern wireless devices have caught up in this regard and wireless mesh devices in particular allow you to add as many mini-coverage zones in an as many different areas of your property as you need. If you live in a small apartment you can usually get away with a single wireless router. But when you have a wall or two in between rooms it lowers your speed drastically.

Let’s look at a common example:

a 100Mb/s fibre connection with a basic wireless AC router. In the same room as the router you should have full speed. However as you move away from the router with 1 x concrete wall with electrics running through it, your speed is likely to decrease by about 50%. Add another wall andmore distance, and your speed will be reduced by about 80% and you will start to experience packet loss. In this scenario, you are likely to get speeds around 10Mb/s to 20Mb/s and see packet loss on streaming, gaming and VoIP services. This is why new wireless mesh devices are ideal for high speed connections for just about all homes.

Solution & Benefits

The benefit of buying our Gigawave mesh devices is that we include free advanced support for your connection where we can remotely make changes to your own local network without you having to become an expert.

Additionally we can view important diagnostic information such as wireless strength between you and your routers to determine precisely where issues may lie.

We also receive instant alerts to packet loss and disconnections which our team can begin to remotely diagnose and resolve, even before you may be aware of them. We can do all of this remotely and without needing you to run endless test after test.

In other words we are able to provide you with the best possible support, bar none!

The free-to-use router we supply is a wonderful mesh device and in fact we recommend that if clients wish to extend their network and fill wireless dead spots, this is the device we recommend. However it is limited to 100Mb/s on the physical port that connects to the internet and all LAN ports. So if you ever wish to use a super-high-speed connection over 100Mb/s this device will not be capable of it.

The upgrade version has slightly stronger wireless signal and has ports capable of 1000Mb/s (1Gb/s) which enables you to use the internet at speeds up to 1Gb/s.


Similarities: both devices operate identically and can mesh together to form a wireless mesh network in your property.

Differences: the free version only supports up to 100Mb/s on WAN and LAN ports and has a slightly weaker wireless antenna array.

What is a wireless mesh?

How does a wireless mesh help?

Don’t find yourself forced into a contract unwittingly

Many ISPs offer free/discounted installation and free/discounted activation. These are both charges that are levied not by the ISP, but by the network operator who provides the line to your property. The network operator charges an installation fee for new installs and some operators also charge ISPs for activation fees each time a customer connects to their network for the first time.

However what these ISPs often fail to mention is that buried in their terms and conditions are clauses such as this:

“if you cancel, downgrade or fall into arrears within 24 months, we will claw-back all discounts including installation fees and activation fees offered to you during sign up and the duration of your connection with <redacted company name>”

This is very disingenuous as often these connections are marketed to end users as being “month-to-month”. While this is legally correct, unless they are explicitly informing you of this at the time of sign up, we feel it is misleading. This is why we state on our “free” offers that additional terms apply where we absorb possibly thousands of Rands on your behalf when you connect for the first time.

It would make terrible business sense for us to offer freebies/discounts and have no hope of recovering this if you were to leave. On this basis we calculate how long it typically takes for us to recover the freebie cost, then we tie you in for that duration or we reserve the right to recover that free/discounted portion should you leave. Just like all other ISPs do, and this makes sense.


See? There really is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Everyone gets paid eventually. We just feel it is important to disclose this to you upfront

We recommend paying for installation and activation. They are once-off costs but if you ever want to leave us you absolutely can with a calendar month’s notice. No hidden terms. No catch. No arguments. No legal fights. This is a general rule of thumb that we recommend in general for all services, whether they are of an ISP nature or not.

If you’re happy to be in a contract then freebies/discounts are the way to go. But bear in mind, if anything goes wrong in any way, you will be locked in to that ISP for the duration or have to pay to be released from this locked in duration. It’s basically a long-term contract which you can buy your way out of. We’re not huge fans of this model but we offer it nonetheless as clients have continuously requested it from us.

If you opt for the freebies /discounts, Gigawave reserves the right to claw-back the cost of the freebies/discounts should you cancel within a certain amount of time, as per our terms and conditions, and additionally we reserve the right to work with a partner to reduce the financial risk associated with the connection. That’s basically it, but you can find more in our Terms and Conditions

Gigawave GAPS Upgrade Options

Router Upgrade


  • Internet Speed: up to 1000Mb/s (1Gb/s)
  • Property Size: small
  • Type: wireless mesh

Upgrade for R399.00

Upgrade Option 1


  • Internet Speed: up to 100Mb/s
  • Property Size: medium to large
  • Type: wireless mesh

Upgrade for R1199.00

Upgrade Option 2


  • Internet Speed: up to 1000Mb/s (1Gb/s)
  • Property Size: medium to large
  • Type: wireless mesh

Upgrade for R1499.00

Upgrade Option 3


  • Internet Speed: up to 1000Mb/s (1Gb/s)
  • Property Size: medium to large
  • Type: wireless mesh

Upgrade for R1899.00

The Gigawave free-to-use GAPS router that Gigawave supplies is an incredible mesh device with great wireless coverage and capable of internet speeds up to 100Mb/s

If you choose to use this device and upgrade later to a more advanced Gigawave mesh system then you can use this device as an extra mesh point in your property.

Note that you cannot mix and match mesh devices due to hardware incompatibility. You will only be able to use Gigawave branded mesh devices from the same manufacturer to extend your mesh network at home

Stick with the free router