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Join South Africa’s only “zero-contention ISP”

Gigawave offers clients zero contention on our ISP network to home and business users so you can get the best possible connection for gaming, working from home, streaming Netflix and anything else your internet-heart desires

Zero Contention

Unlike other ISPs we do not contend our clients’ traffic in normal traffic conditions. Ask your ISP if they can make the same promise

Zero Shaping

Unlike other ISPs we do not slow down certain protocols and services that you use on the internet. We do not believe in “shaping” your traffic

Zero Throttling

Unlike other ISPs we do not slow your connection down after you reach a certain threshold of usage. If you often feel like certain times of the month your connection slows down, then perhaps its time to switch to Gigawave

Zero FUP

Unlike other ISPs Gigawave doesn’t implement a “Fair use Policy” on your connection. Use your connection at your leisure without the worry of what your ISP is doing in the background to your line

— Your Gigawave connection is perfect for any and all requirements

Don’t overpay for electronics

As a Gigawave client we offer you cost price at our hardware store. You benefit from our economies of scale by being able to purchase electronics such as routers, CCTV systems and more (phones, laptops and more coming soon) at our cost prices.

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Support is important and we recognise this

At Gigawave we work a little differently. Our support staff are required to reply to email queries within 5min and live chats from our website or social media within 2min. And senior management monitor these stats daily. We take supporting you very seriously

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We don’t mess with your connection

As a Gigawave client you receive the best possible internet connection with no manipulation or adulteration by us. We do not believe in shaping, throttling or contending your internet connection. That’s in our DNA

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Don’t pay more for making calls

As a Gigawave client you have access to a free-to-use VoIP telephone number. Use this on your cellphone or home phone to make calls for a fraction of the price of your normal call rates

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Check coverage for your address

Use the Gigawave coverage checker to make sure your location is within our national coverage zones

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Sign up for your “zero-contention-connection”

Choose your speed and checkout. Gigawave will handle installation or migration if you have an existing fibre to the home line. No interruptions

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Experience a true fibre broadband connection

At Gigawave we do not manipulate your traffic in any way. We simply bridge the connection between you and the rest of the internet with no shaping, no throttling, no contention and no FUP

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us and we believe you’ll agree with after signing up with Gigawave

— Client Testimonials

Gigawave is by far the best ISP I have ever used and I have tried them all